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Conferences & Meetings

Successful conferences in Lakonia

Mani and especially Itilo, in the prefecture of Lakonia, in the Peloponnese, are the ideal places to hold a successful conference or any type of social event. The natural beauty is incomparable and the infrastructure is totally adequate.


Meeting Rooms & Business Facilities

A great number of corporate meetings, summits, conferences and other events take place every year in the luxurious Porto Vitilo hotel in Mani Lakonia, which offers impressive facilities, conference halls and meeting rooms, with state of the art equipment and full staff support.


The high way connection between Athens and southern Greece has been recently built and will soon undergo further enhancement. Therefore, access to the hotel is fast and convenient. Itilo is about 3 hours from Athens and only 74 kilometers from Sparta and Kalamata.


The hotel’s staff is experienced, professional and capable of handling any type of event. It goes without saying that our team can arrange for you to have coffee breaks, in between your meetings, with light meals, snacks and beverages during the day, or more formal corporate meals and dinners during or after large conferences and meetings.


Choosing Porto Vitilo to host your events or conferences in Lakonia, southern Greece, success is guaranteed.


Conferences & Meetings

Events in Mani Lakonia

Event hosting in Mani Lakonia with all the benefits of the picturesque location included. Southern Greece -and Peloponnese in particular- is a very interesting geographical region, with spectacular mountains, magnificent beaches and stunning natural beauty. Porto Vitilo combines all this with its impressive facilities and infrastructure.


Porto Vitilo boutique hotel in Peloponnese has 2 spacious and fully air conditioned conference halls and meeting rooms, state of the art equipment, internet access and the flexibility for different sitting arrangements, depending on the occasion. This hotel is well known for the organization of numerous successful events in Mani Lakonia.


The first room can accommodate up to 70 attendants (in a lecture-like sitting arrangement) or 110 attendants (amphitheatrically seated). The second room is more cosy, with a very unique country-chic decoration and can host up to 35 persons. Both rooms can host any type of business events in Mani, ranging from lectures, seminars and presentations, to meetings, trainings and big-scale conferences.