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Weddings & Events

Memorable events & weddings in Mani Lakonia

Mani in southern Greece, in the prefecture of Lakonia in the Peloponnese, is considered one of the most gorgeous mountainous areas in the country of Greece. The climate is mild, the hospitality is warm and welcoming and the people are friendly and generous. All the traditional seaside villages, like Itilo, are picturesque and enjoy privileged views of the peaceful bays. The scenery is absolutely romantic, serene and inspiring.


Event Organising

Organizing any type of events, weddings or social gatherings in such premises is a guaranteed success.

Especially as a vebue for weddings in Mani Lakonia Porto Vitilo in Karavostasu has been proven to be unforgettable to couples and all guests!

Porto Vitilo in Itilo is built according to the local traditional architecture, with stone walls, marble elements and wooden floors and it is located right on the beach of Karavostasi.


Wedding Events & Reception

It forms the perfect setting for your wedding events, the wedding reception and the accommodation of your family and guests. Our experienced staff will be with you every step of the way, in order to host the most beautiful wedding in Mani Lakonia. Organizing your perfect wedding events will be a great a pleasure for all of us and we always remain at your disposal for any enquiry or assistance you may need on that very special day!


Weddings & Events

Romantic weddings in southern Greece

Weddings in southern Greece are always sparking, romantic and very memorable.

Porto Vitilo is characterized by a sense of discreet luxury and stylish elegance in its buildings, lounges, halls and large verandas, as well as the surrounding areas. For an unforgettable wedding reception, formal dinner or party, choose Porto Vitilo in the traditional village of Itilo.


Weddings in Southern Greece

Porto Vitilo boutique hotel in Mani, southern Greece, is located right on the beach, enjoying a spectacular view to the mountain of Taygetos, as well as to the Gulf of Lakonia. Its Mediterranean flair, country-chic luxury, discreet colors and magnificent lighting arrangement do not seize to impress visitors and constitute the ideal environment for all tyoes of social events or gatherings.


Organizing a romantic traditional wedding ceremony with our professional team here at Porto Vitilo will be smooth and easy, as our staff is experienced, dedicated and highly skilled. We will work with you on every detail and will design and carry out a very special event for you and your family and guests in Mani Lakonia, in this blessed part of southern Greece.